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Conventional Home Loan

The most common type of prime loan you can use to purchase a property or refinance one is called a conventional loan. Conventional loans conform to the maximum loan limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Those limits are up to 484,350. Unlike certain other types of loans such as FHA loans, they are not backed up by government funds.

FHA Loan

Homebuyers looking for a flexible loan with easy credit requirements and a low down payment can apply for an FHA loan in Florida. While FHA loans are the top choice of many first-time homebuyers, you do not need to be a first-time homebuyer to qualify. All you need to do is meet the basic criteria.

VA Loan

For the brave men and women who have served our country, VA loans in Florida provide an opportunity to finance a home simply and affordably. Insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), these loans are packed with competitive features like zero down payment and no prepayment penalties.

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I have 30+ years of experience in Residential Mortgage Lending. I have 10+ years in management experience in the industry. I am an expert at all types of lending including Conventional Loans to 97%, Condo Loans, Jumbo Loans (some of the best programs and rates in the industry), First Time Buyer programs including FHA, bond, grant and ship programs. We also offer FHA 203K and Homestyle renovation loans. I also believe in helping our veterans and I am an expert with all aspects of VA loans. In my career, I was the top originator nationwide for ResMac and also was the top mortgage banker for 5 years with PNC Mortgage in volume and units for the SE United States. I also sat on the Presidents Club and Presidents Council and helped improve programs, workflow, processing, underwriting, etc for PNC. Please check out my 5 Star ratings for customer service on Zillow.com, Google, Yelp, etc… over 150 and counting. I know the guidelines better than most underwriters which help expedite the loan process. I named my company Mortgages Done Right Inc because I really do Mortgages the right way.

What sets me apart from other Mortgage Bankers and other Lenders is I believe in making the mortgage experience for my customers as enjoyable as possible. I go above and beyond making sure they understand everything through the entire process. My reputation is the Fixer or the Pit Bull. I get things done.

Greg Hayden the President of Mortgages Done Right Inc. I created the business to give thousands of my clients and hundreds of my realtors more mortgage choices in the market place. The days of going to one lender for a mortgage are gone. Mortgage brokering is better for the consumer. Before my buyers would wait 2-3 weeks for a bank to get back to me on an approval and if it was a no I didn’t have time to go elsewhere. No more. If one lender says no I have 25+ more that can say yes within days. More lenders more options and better rates and service then the Banks or the Quicken mortgages of the world. We have programs for just about any type of borrower. Loans for the regular W2 wage earner to the self-employed person who cant verify income. We have stated income loans, bank statement loans, and loans for people with low scores. I want to make sure my customers have as much opportunity to get the American dream of homeownership.


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